1. Remove Your Mugshots

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Your mugshots will be deleted and unpublished from the database of any mugshot website and from Google search cache. Get rid of all your online mugshot images, photos and public records now!

2. Hide Your Mugshots

We can hide your arrest records and mugshots on the internet showing up on Google or other search engines.

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Archive: Unpublish Mugshots

Remove Mugshot listings on Google and Removal from Mugshots.com

If you Google search my name, there is a link to mugshots regarding
an arrest back in 2003 (all charges were dropped). I want to know how
to remove this.

Google search my name and get rid of the mugshot as
well as criminal info

Remove Mugshots from Google

hey my name is on Google with my mugshots and i would like to delete some
personal information i have under my name on google by the name of
a Volleyball team. my name is shown on the rust college
volleyball roster and more. this information can put my life at risk
and i would like it to be removed as fast as possible

On Google there are 3 links please ill really appreciate it, it puts my life in danger i never asked for none of this to be put up

that information can put my life at risk i just want it gone i have a family and a younger brother please remove those 3 links. hide them w.e it takes i live in Miami a very hectic state where im known alot and those links can put my life at risk please help.

thank you.

Mugshot / criminal background removal

Saw your website on Google… would like to speak with someone about
mugshot removal and as well as criminal background removal

There are a dozen website on the internet that published my criminal records and mugshots on the internet
this was from several years back now its haunting me and my job search has been affected by these information

So i am looking for the cheapest and fastest Mugshot / criminal background removal

Removal of arrest site and mugshot

I would like to know the cost of getting this type of information from
being seen. I was trying to locate my Facebook page placing name in
the search engine and my record came up. Please let me know what
process and cost is involved, if possible to remove.

the link is hosted on Busted Mugshot

How shaming! This past year has not been a great one. There are other sites I see popping up too. Just place my name in the Google search and you will see Duval county AND possibly St. Johns county. I really broke down when I saw this. I am looking into expunging one but not sure if there is a way that will take care of both. Let me know if you need more information. Please give me whatever options available.

Thank you.

Cheapest Arrest Records Removal Service

i need arrest record removal

please provide me with your Cheapest Arrest Records Removal Service

Google Mugshot Removal

When i search My name on Google my arrest records are showing up and I am seeking information about your services. I would
like a photo or mugshot of myself removed from the Internet/search engines and I would like to delist myself from sites like
mylife, etc. Could you please send me some information?

Mugshot removal, Delete Mugshots from Google

I was arrested in 2010 for possession of marijuana. The charges were
dropped, but my mugshot seemed to surface in the Internet. How do I
get this photo off an Internet search? i need Mugshot removal and Delete my Mugshots from Google Please help!!

I just can’t believe I will have to deal with this because of minor marijuana arrest that was dropped in court

The case was dismissed in court.
Alright. My case was dismissed and I contacted the court that charged me and they are sending over paperwork explaining it was dismissed in court. If they continue to post these pictures it will be defamation of character since I was never charged with the crime.

I can pay but I want to make sure it’s removed 100% I’m only 26 and I don’t want a mugshot on the Internet from me just because I was arrested for a minor pot charge that I was never convicted.
I want to make sure never have to deal with a mugshot appearing on the Internet ever again?

the mugshot is hosted by Just Mugshots on http://www.justmugshots.com

How quickly can you get my mugshot picture from Google search?
if you can also bury my name on Google so no matter what site tries to publish my photo the sites you will create will keep my name hidden???
I have a blog can you put my blog at the top of google search results when people google my name?

Unpublish Mugshots from the Internet

My boss was arrested and his mugshot and arrest record are the first thing
that anyone see’s if they Google his name. We need to get that off the
internet asap!!

the arrest records are hosted on these websites


please get back to me with the best solution

I need my mugshots removed

I need my mugshots removed from the internet

Please provide me a quote for removing this information from search

I have mugshots showing up on Google images and the photo gallery on Google search results
also several websites are hosting my arrest records

Can you please help me get rid of these information asap
i can pay in monthly terms

Remove Mugshot/ police records

Personal/Professional slander case
I’m wondering how you guys could help a couple of regular people who
are being slandered by a politically motivated State Attorney’s
office, and doctors that own newspapers. My wife and I are being
subjected to a campaign of personal ruin by such entities. It’s not
just affecting our job prospects, but we even have real estate agents
that we were doing a lease with saying they were going to Google us.
We’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in this country I

Web search results on us , including mugshots/photos.

I was reading how it works. I have about 3 bad out of 10 results on my first page mostly b/c I have my own website , and LinkedIN, stuff like that.
I have 2 Facebook pages too but I don’t know why they don’t show up on 1st page. So I understand the process is labor intensive

What’s SEO and ORM?

I know you have to create the links but then generate traffic on them…. I read about writing articles… blogs.. etc.
But you need traffic to drive them up to the top. I didn’t know if helped if I had my own site. It use to have 2 or 3
hits on the 1st page.

That includes all mugshots and images for both of us? My wife… She has more images/l.inks than I do.

I’m researching all of this.. I am also talking to my lawyer.
You guys also have monthly maintenance fees? Do you keep the mugshots/google search clean forever or a certain period of time?

Thank you for your time.

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